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Gingerbread Houses of Martha’s Vineyards A Pictorial Guide


The story of Martha’s Vineyard’s development as a resort begins in 1835, when the first Methodist Camp Meeting was held in the Oak Bluffs area. The first camp meeting began with nine original tents and by 1857 the number grew to 250. Slowly but surely, returning campers built permanent platforms arranged around the central preachers tent.

By 1880, Wesleyan Grove was a community of approximately 500 narrow cottages built in a variety of European Victorian Styles. This pictorial guidebook takes you on a scenic tour of these pastel, painted Gingerbread Cottages. Also included are many of Martha’s



Soft cover dimensions: 7″ X 10″
Pages: 32 in full color
Photos: 51 full color
Price: $5.95